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Managing Partner of the Firm; Admitted 1983, Athens, Supreme Court.
Practice areas: Banking and Finance; Securities; Investments; Corporate/ M&A; Privatisation; EU Law; Public Procurement.
Τομείς δραστηριότητας: Banking and Finance; Securities; Investments; Corporate/ M&A; Privatisation; EU Law; Public Procurement.
Email:d [dot] tsibanoulis [at] tsibanoulis [dot] gr
University of Athens (Law Degree, 1980); University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany (Ph.D., 1986). Recipient of Scholarship from the DAAD for research at the Institute of Banking Law of the University of Frankfurt am Main, 1981-1984; Assistant, Institute of Transport Law, University of Frankfurt am Main and at the Max-Planck-Institute, Department of History of Law 1985-1987.
From 2000 to 2016, he was teaching Financial Services Law at the ALBA Graduate Business School.  
- Of the following books: “The Constitutional Controlling System of Co-operatives” (in German), Frankfurt/Bern/New York, 1987; “Investment Services in Greek and EEC Law” (in Greek), Athens-Bank of Greece, 1989; “The legal framework of the Capital Market” (in Greek), Nicosia-The Republic of Cyprus 2001. - Of the following chapters in collective works: Chapters on “Securities Companies, Investment Companies, Mutual Fund Management Companies, Leasing Companies, Factoring Companies and Venture Capital Companies”, “Regulations concerning the supervision of banks in Greece”, “Liquidation of Limited Liability Companies” and “Reduction of Share Capital of Limited Liability Companies” (in Greek) in: “Greek Company Law”, Athens, 1991, 1992 and 1994; “Banking Services and Activities in Greece” (in English), in “The Legal & Practical Guide to the Use of the ECU”, ECU Institute, 1995; “Clearing and Settlement on dematerialized shares in the Athens Stock Exchange” (in Greek) in: “Τhe Stock Exchange under the Greek Law”, 2000; General introduction and final remarks in the Conference on “Corporate Governance: Transparency and Investors’ Protection in Listed Companies” (in English and Greek), in European Lawyers Union (U.A.E) publication (Bruylant 2005), June 2002; “Corporate Governance in the financial services sector” (in Greek), in ‘The new financial services environment; trends and perspectives’, edited by G. Provopoulos and Ch. Gortsos, Hellenic Banking Association, 2004; Chapter on Article 53a of the Codified Law of 2190/1920 “Prudential Supervision In the Financial Services Field”: Chapters on Credit Institutions, Investment Firms, Investment Companies, Mutual Funds Companies, Leasing Companies, Factory Companies, E-Money Institutions, Money Exchange Companies, Money Transfer Companies and Insurance Companies” (in Greek) in: Company Law, Vol. 7, 2005; “Injunctive measures regarding the relationship between the Athens Exchange and its members as well as the companies listed therein” (in Greek), in: ‘Injunctive measures in commercial law’, 2005; “Cross-border mergers in Europe after the SEVIC judgment of the European Court of Justice” (in Greek), in: ‘Hellenic Commercial Law and European Law’, 2006; Articles 34, 35 and 46 on MiFID (Clearing and Securities’ Settlement in MiFID) (in English), in: The Regulation of Investment Services in Europe under MiFID: Implementation and Practice, Tottel Publishing 2008, UK. - Of many articles published in Greek and foreign legal magazines, including: “The Reform of Greek Stock Exchange Law” (in German), in “Die Aktiengesellschaft”, 1989; “The Securities Company: An Innovation in Greek Stock Exchange Law” (in German), in “Die Bank”, 1989; “A draft law about Factoring” (in Greek), in "Nomiko Vima" 1990; “The post-dated cheques” (in Greek), in "Diki" 1992; “The over the counter transactions” (in Greek), in “Nomiko Vima”, 1992; “The Repo-Transactions” (in Greek), in “Bulletin of the Hellenic Bank Association”, 1993; “The harmonization of Greek Law on Mutual Funds to the EU-Law about UCITS with the Presidential Decree 433/1993” (in Greek), in: Greek Review of European Law 1994; “Granting of credit by credit institutions to members of the Board of Directors and executive officers” (in Greek), in Baking and Securities Law Review 1995; “Provision of credit by Securities Companies” (in Greek), in Business & Company Law (B&C Law) 1996; “Establishment of a credit institution by public tenders” (in Greek) in B&C Law 1997; “Systemic Risk in case of insolvency of a Securities Company” (in Greek) in B&C Law 1999; “Sale of listed shares with embedded call option” (in Greek)”, in Commercial Law Review, 1999; “Corporate Governance in Greece” (in Greek), Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research (IOBE), 2001; “Execution in Force (Forced Sale) of Dematerialized Shares listed in the Athens Stock Exchange” (in Greek) in: B&C Law 2002; “The evolution of the legal framework of the Greek capital market from 1980 to 2000: progress and delays” (in English), in: The Company Lawyer, February 2002; and in extended form (in Greek) in: Baking and Securities Law Review 2000;  “Farewell to the Stock Exchange Law: The consequences of Directive 2004/39/EC ‘on markets in financial instruments’ (MiFID) on the Greek capital market law” (in Greek), in B&C Law 2007; “Is there any need for a financial services single regulator in Greece?” (in Greek), in: Banking and Securities Law Review 2008;  “Securities held with intermediaries” (in Greek), in: “Nomiko Vima” 2008; “Securities in book entry form in-between property and contract law” (in Greek), in: Commercial Law Review 2009; "Recovery and Resolution of Credit Institutions - Crisis Resolution tools in the EU" (in English), in RDBF (Revista de drept bancar si finciar), 2013/1;  "Bank recovery and restructuring legislation" (in Greek), in Treatment of insolvency, Association of Greek Commercialists, 23rd Hellenic Conference of Commercial Law, Nomiki Bibliothiki Group, 2014, pp. 235-264; "Bank recovery and restructuring law in view of  the latest developments within Union Law" (in Greek), in Financial Law, periodical publication of the Hellenic Association for Banking and Capital Markets Law, 8th year, 22nd issue, January-April 2014, Nomiki Bibliothiki Group, pp. 53-76. Co-author: “Institutional Aspects of Prudential Supervision in Greece” (in French), in “Banking Supervision in the European Community”, 1995; "The Economic and Monetary Union: Constitutional and Institutional Aspects of the Economic Governance within the EU; The XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen, 2014; Congress Publications Vol.1; GREECE Katerina Iliadou, Elias Karakitsos and Dimitris Tsibanoulis; Economic Policy; EU legal order" (in English); pp. 375-418; “The Greek PSI and the litigation surrounding it” (in English) by Dr. Dimitris Tsibanoulis & Iakovos Anagnostopoulos, Revue internationale des services financiers/International review of financial services, 2014/2, Juin 2014, pp. 18-24.
the European Financial Market Lawyers Group (EFMLG), operating under the auspices of the ECB (European Central Bank), since 1999; the EU-Clearing and Settlement, Legal Certainty Group (European Commission, DG XV), since 2005; the Payment Systems Government Expert Group (European Commission, DG XV) (1999 – 2005); the Board of Directors of KEPE (Center of Planning and Economic Research) (1995-2001); the Board of Directors of Hellenic European Law Association (FIDE-Greece); the Board of Directors of European Society for Banking and Financial Law (AEDBF) since 2003; the Board of Directors of Hellenic Deposit & Investment Guarantee Fund (2009 - June 2017).  He has been a member of various legislative Groups advising on the drafting of Greek Banking and Securities Laws (since 1988); he also participated in several legal groups in the EMI, the ECB and the European Commission advising on matters pertaining to the regulation of Banking and Financial Markets and to payment and securities settlement systems in the EU (since 1992).