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Admitted 1994, Thessaloniki; 2000, Athens, Supreme Court
Practice areas: Public Law; European Law; Energy.
Τομείς δραστηριότητας: Public Law; European Law; Energy.
Email:k [dot] iliadou [at] tsibanoulis [dot] gr
University of Thessaloniki (Law Degree, 1992, LL.M. 1996); University of Regensburg, Germany (PhD 1998)
Elected lecturer at the Faculty of Law – University of Athens – Department of Public Law
Books: “Forschungsfreiheit und Embryonenschutz – Eine verfassungs- und europarechtliche Untersuchung der Forschung an Embryonen”, Publisher: Duncker & Humblot, SÖR 799, Berlin, 1999 – “Public Law and regulation of network industries" (in Greek), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2010 Many articles, including: “Greece - Electricity market reform in South East Europe”, in: Utilities Policy 17 (2009), pp. 76-87 – “Radiation and electromagnetic effects”, in: “Greek Law Digest – The Ultimate Legal Guide to Investing in Greece” (www.greeklawdigest.gr), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens 2012, pp. 564-569 – “Articles 5, 151, 153, 154-156, 158-162, 163-173 of the EC Treaty”, in: “Commentary of the EU and EC Treaties” (in Greek), V. Skouris (Ed.), Ant. N. Sakkoulas, Athens-Komotini, 2003 – “Constitutional aspects of the “Regulatory State”, in: Essays in Honor of Halûk Konuralp Anisina– Yetkin Yayinari, Ankara 2009, 2, pp. 961-977 – “Energy Market Liberalisation according to European and National Law” (in Greek), in: N. Farantouris (Ed.), “Energy – Law, Economy & Policy”, Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens 2012, pp. 17-32. Co-author: "The Economic and Monetary Union: Constitutional and Institutional Aspects of the Economic Governance within the EU; The XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen, 2014; Congress Publications Vol.1; GREECE Katerina Iliadou, Elias Karakitsos and Dimitris Tsibanoulis; Economic Policy; EU legal order" (in English); pp. 375-418.
Association of Greek Constitutionalists