CTM e-filing system on "Fast-Track"

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From 24 November 2014, CTM applicants have the option of having their applications published in half the time (or less) of what is usually required by virtue of the new “FAST TRACK” e-filing procedure. ΟΗΙΜ’s logic behind this procedure is to accelerate the trademark registration process for trademarks that require less administrative attention.

To be on the “FAST TRACK” route, an applicant shall:

   1) Select the goods and services from OHIM’s harmonised database containing prevalidated and pre-translated terms (TM CLASS database)

   2) Pay the official fees at the end of the application process or immediately after submission

   3) Not request a National Search report

   4) Apply for a word,  figurative, 3D or sound mark

   5) Not insert a mark description

   6) Not insert a disclaimer

   7) Base its priority or seniority claims on trademarks imported from the TM VIEW database directly to the application form; otherwise the corresponding certificate (together with its translation in one of OHIM’s official languages) shall be uploaded to the application form.

It follows from the above that “FAST TRACK” is a win-win mechanism for applicants and OHIM: applicants will opt for the “FAST TRACK” procedure due to the time-saving incentives provided by OHIM, whereas OHIM will benefit from the reduced administrative work and the faster collection of fees from applicants. Interestingly, based on the data published by OHIM, within the first week of the launch of this new faster procedure, 21,5% of the CTM filings were designated as “FAST TRACK” and 87 trademark applications were – already - published for opposition purposes.