The Greek Trademarks Office goes online

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The Trademark Act No. 4072/2012 provided, under Article 136 para. 3, for the online submission of trademark applications. The implementation, however, of this provision was subject to the issuing of a Ministerial Decree which would set the procedural formalities and technical requirements. This Ministerial Decree for the online submission of trademark applications was finally delivered on 16 October 2014 and published in the Government Gazette on 23 October 2014 (Issue B No. 2868).

In brief, the procedure for the e-filing of trademark applications with the Greek Office, as depicted by the Ministerial Decree K4-14913, is summarized as follows. To access the e-filing system, one has to use the login details already obtained in connection with the online services of the General Secretariat for Information Systems (TAXISNET login details), for verification purposes. The payment of the official fees imposed for the submission of trademark applications is effected online, through the website of the General Secretariat for Information Systems (e-stamp services), which – again – require the use of the TAXISNET login details. As regards the e-filing procedure as such, it is similar to the one followed by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. The applicant visits the website of the Greek Trademarks Office and files the trademark application through the link “E-filing of Trademark Applications” ( There are mandatory fields that guide the applicant through the process and allow to make all corrections necessary easily. The applicant can upload attachments, preview its application, save temporary copies and print the draft application. The official proof of receipt of the trademark application is subsequently sent by the Trademarks Office to the applicant or its representative via e-mail. The date and time of filing of the trademark application is that indicated on the official proof of receipt.