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Dr. Dimitris G. Tsibanoulisd.tsibanoulis@tsibanoulis.gr
Aristeidis N. Goulandrisa.goulandris@tsibanoulis.gr
Anna E. Apostolaki a.apostolaki@tsibanoulis.gr
Argyro A. Leoutseaa.leoutsea@tsibanoulis.gr
Emmanouil N. Komism.komis@tsibanoulis.gr


Sofia A. Kizantidis.kizantidi@tsibanoulis.gr
Dr. Nikolaos I. Simantirasn.simantiras@tsibanoulis.gr
Tina M. Kamilakit.kamilaki@tsibanoulis.gr


Vassiliki P.Pierroutsakouv.pierroutsakou@tsibanoulis.gr
Marina K. Karampam.karampa@tsibanoulis.gr
Feli D. Tsibanoulisf.tsibanoulis@tsibanoulis.gr
Dr. Kanellos N. Klamarisk.klamaris@tsibanoulis.gr
Ilias P. Voutieridisi.voutieridis@tsibanoulis.gr
Nicholas Grant - Frilingosn.grant@tsibanoulis.gr
Renos P. Markour.markou@tsibanoulis.gr
Ariadni S. Koutsimpoua.koutsimpou@tsibanoulis.gr
Anna Maria S. Bolanoua.bolanou@tsibanoulis.gr
Eleni P. Kozmaie.kozmai@tsibanoulis.gr
Dimitra G. Rafailidoud.rafailidou@tsibanoulis.gr
Apostolos I. Papachrysosa.papachrysos@tsibanoulis.gr


Prof. Katerina N. Fountedakik.fountedaki@tsibanoulis.gr
Nicholas (Nikos) Kontizasn.kontizas@tsibanoulis.gr
Dimitris A. Vouliotisd.vouliotis@tsibanoulis.gr
Konstantinos T. Antonakisk.antonakis@tsibanoulis.gr
Marianna E. Katrakazim.katrakazi@tsibanoulis.gr


Eirini-Maria Borae.bora@tsibanoulis.gr
Andriani C. Bellaa.bella@tsibanoulis.gr
Maria Eleni Nikolidakim.nikolidaki@tsibanoulis.gr
Dimitra Marantoud.marantou@tsibanoulis.gr
Stamatina Stylianopoulou     s.stylianopoulou@tsibanoulis.gr

Tsibanoulis & Partners

We are a leading Greek law firm in financial services, capital markets and banking law, as well as in the corporate and privatisation field, and offer a full service capability in all other practice areas.

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