Data Protection

Data Protection

T&P privacy team provides tailored legal services with a risk-based approach. Our services include compliance support ranging from usual regulatory compliance (data mapping, data protection audits, staff training, drafting of privacy statements and transparency-related documents etc.) to further ad hoc consultation on data protection issues (data subject requests, data breaches, enforcement actions of the Hellenic DPA), as well as DPO services.

In addition, our privacy team provides advisory services to a wide range of clients covering the following business sectors: accommodation, retail sector, health sector, telecommunications, information technology services, e-commerce and financial services, public sector services. Apart from Greece, we also advise multinational organisations on local law requirements under privacy, data protection and telecommunications legislation.

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Our work includes inter alia :

  • Legal advice on GDPR compliance, policies and compliance process followed by the controllers.
  • Revision of contract clauses regarding data protection. Reprocessing forms of consent, informative notes to clients/ website privacy notices under the GDPR.
  • Advising on binding corporate rules.
  • Advising on drafting contracts with processors or any third parties processing data on behalf of the controller.
  • Legal advice regarding communication with the competent supervisory authority.
  • Harmonisation of terms of use and privacy policies with the GDPR.

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