Publications in English

Publications in English

Dr. Dimitris Tsibanoulis

The Evolution of the Legal Framework of the Greek Capital Market from 1980 to 2000: progress and delays, The Company Lawyer, February 2002

Articles 34, 35 and 46 on MiFID (Clearing and Securities’ Settlement in MiFID), The Regulation of Investment Services in Europe under MiFID: Implementation and Practice, 2008, pp. 161-180

Recovery and Resolution of Credit Institutions - Crisis Resolution tools in the EU, in RDBF (Revista de drept bancar si finciar), 2013/1, pp. 11-19

The Economic and Monetary Union: Constitutional and Institutional Aspects of the Economic Governance within the EU; The XXVI FIDE Congress in Copenhagen, 2014; GREECE K.Iliadou, E.Karakitsos & D.Tsibanoulis; Economic policy; EU legal order; pp.375-418

The Greek PSI and the litigation surrounding it (by Dr. Dimitris Tsibanoulis & Iakovos Anagnostopoulos), Revue internationale des services financiers/International review of financial services, 2014/2, Juin 2014, pp. 18-24

Transparency in private securitisations as a prerequisite to promote the Secondary Market of NPEs in the EU, DDC Financial Group, Debt Business Magazine, November 2021

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